Viacoin (VIA)
Project Description

Viacoin started out as a basic copy/paste version of Bitcoin. The thing that was meant to make Viacoin unique was that unlike Bitcoin, Viacoin was created so that applications can live inside of it's blockchain. With the only difference between Viacoin and Bitcoin being the blockchain policy, many other altcoins with true innovations were easily able to push Viacoin out of the spotlight.

At one point, Peter Todd became the main developer for Viacoin and began to introduce real innovative features. Peter Todd was not able to implement SegWit into the Viacoin code because he soon after he joined the Core Bitcoin developers group. At that point, it really looked like Viacoin was just going to fade away.

Suddenly a young programmer from the Netherlands named Romano took over the Viacoin project. Romano put the Viacoin project in high gear and was very quickly recognised as having sharp coding skills and a lot of energy. Since then he has added new innovations such as implementating SegWit into Viacoin.